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January 2007

Painless Software Schedules - Joel on Software

Having mixed feelings about going to Microsoft’s Designertopia conference on Thursday. Must take an open mind…

Sample Protx Ruby Code

Prototype JavaScript Image Cropper UI What's New in Prototype 1.5?

OmniNerd - Articles: Processing Credit Cards with Ruby on Rails

Topfield meets the Mac

Mac software for Topfield PVRs

Welcome to

For Topfield PVR users

Topfield PVR

Gadget lust

inner.geek » Blog Archive » Loading JSON in ActionScript 2

Might be useful for Fabric

Literature and Latte - Scrivener

Wow. Exquisite project management tool for writers. I’d be too busy playing with it to write though

Strong Password Generator

Calculating Distance in Miles from Latitude and Longitude

Uses Google’s GeoCoding API and some simple maths in SQL

O'Reilly Radar > Why Johnny Can't Program

A teacher’s steps to get kids programming with logo, animation, lego, etc.


Peter Cooper’s tumblelog

Managing Rails Versions with Capistrano

Unicode (UTF-8) Test

Test if your OS/browser/fonts display UTF-8 correctly. Includes Greek and Cyrillic tests

Very pleased with my mango, kiwifruit and apple smoothie I’ve just blended myself.

Thinking Mark is a little bit obsessed with Mrs Carson

A Roast Dinner HOWTO

Matt Webb’s roast tips. Remember: use a colander to shake up those par-boiled potatoes to make them extra nice

Dashcode overview

Useful guide to making Dashboard widgets with Dashcode

BBC Weather Widget

At last I can get real weather on my Dashboard. Far more accurate than the Apple/AccuWeather one

Enjoying Twitterific. And happy that I have made my own Dashboard widget doobrie.

Looking at Bon’s Twitter page -


Enables Rails to push Javascript in real time to clients with a Ruby server, Rails in the middle and Flash/JS on the client. Huge potential for chat/IM


Library for mocking and stubbing with a Rails test case - even on real classes and instances, such as AR instance methods

Memcaching Rails

actsascached Rails plugin

Revision 5920: /plugins/exception_notification

Notifies you by email whenever your Rails app has a “moment”

Gluttonous : Guide: Things You Shouldn't Be Doing In Rails

tooltip.js - A lightweight prototype based JavaScript tooltip

Prototype-based tooltips

Module: ActiveRecord::Acts::NestedSet::ClassMethods

Like a tree, but enables you to select the children and all of their descendents with a single query

Not So Stupid » Blog Archive » URLs on Rails

Use IDs like /123-abc-def for URLs instead of /12

Roll your own SQL session store

A more efficient Rails session storage than ActiveRecordStore - avoids overhead of

has_many :through: Don't make a new one on my account

“Using the :new_session => false option tells Rails not to create a new session if there isn’t one already” - useful for where you may want to have logged in site owners but not create sessions for guests (eg blog)

RailsWebHosts in Ruby on Rails

Rails hosting providers broken down by region/country

SitePoint Blogs » Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007

More commentary on the Outlook 2007 HTML debacle

Microsoft takes email design back 5 years - Campaign Monitor Blog

Inexplicably Outlook 2007 won’t support background images, background colours, floats, position and screws up the box model. It actually uses the Word rendering engine!

Erskine Design - Responsible web design and development

Simon (Colly) Collison’s new company, part of the inspiring Erskine Corp, a collection of like-minded people working together

Billings 2: Time tracking and invoicing for Mac OS X

Cool time-tracking/billing/todo/productivity uber-app that I’d like to try out

Economist 101 & Ecotype

How the Economist elegantly created whitespace by tweaking its body font Weblog: Comments for ‘Bobo and the iPhone’

Brent’s right. I can’t look at any other phone without thinking “bobo” and yet I can’t get one until next year at the earliest :(

Easy cross-browser transparency | Bite Size Standards

Transparency for all!

Unobtrusive Javascript

Some useful tips to abstract behaviour from content

Activating the Right Layout Mode Using the Doctype Declaration

Welcome - Bazaar Version Control

Free, fast, simple version control in Python

Is IM better for brainstorming? [than email]

Yes, according to the research in here. Face-to-face always better of course


Standalone Twitter Mac OS X app

The Hobo Blog

Extension to Rails providing templating, pre-defined tags, simplified controllers, Ajax stuff, etc.

Building A Multi-Site Application // by John Nunemaker

Uses a clever DHH plugin

Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book

A second quirky but informative Ruby ebook

HoHoHo! : Design : Brand Spanking New

Cute 10x10 greyscale icons

Suffering from a poorly throat. Grrr. Only ever ill when on a day off…


OmniGraffle stencils


Self-update Cocoa module which manages download, install and restart

KAGI - Profitable Online Stores

AquaticPrime: Secure Your Shareware Applications

Secure registration system for shareware Mac apps

Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap: 99 Tips for Poor Web Startups

Label Placement in Forms :: UXmatters

Finding Business -

How Jonathon blogs, networks and spreads himself around others’ sites to promote his freelance work

Parallels Coherence Mode

Compelling screencast of a Mac desktop running Outlook, Visio, IE, etc alongside native apps

has_many :through: Stop using the rails command

Use svn copy instead and preserve your plugins/setup