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February 2011

Even though I have Office and iWork, I force myself to use Google Docs. Its simplicity means I can’t play with design/layout and just write.

jQuery infinite scroll

Note & Point

Inspirational presentations and slides


Send the links in your Twitter favourites to Instapaper

@nick365 A few of us signed up mid-2006 as it was the shiny new thing and we wanted to claim our usernames. Didn’t know how big it would be!

On a train travelling through major parts of SW London. Orange coverage is a disgrace. May as well be tweeting via smoke signals. Avoid.

Ordering database servers with a staggering 144Gb of memory each. Yes, that’s memory not storage.


Windows app installer/updater that downloads popular browsers, IM clients, utilities, etc. all in one and without the cruft

Waking up to the terrible news from NZ about the death and destruction from the Christchurch earthquake. Thoughts are with kiwis today.

@BradHaverly Fair enough. Well, it certainly makes me want to walk to the office instead.

@ShaunnaLouiseW You win! Or does your fuel tank have a hole in it?

Just spent an eye-watering £65 to fill up my car. I think that’s a personal best (or worst).


Rack middleware based authentication system, including oAuth

Building a Facebook Application (with Heroku and Sinatra)

Article from Heroku’s new Dev Center that uses the new Facebook Graph API

@globalpersonals Not true. The internal research was for Chrome OS, not Chrome.

Ninja .htaccess

Krok uses some very smart .htaccess rules

Host Your Static Website on Amazon S3

Why Your Startup Needs a Visual Dashboard

Happy birthday @larrylou100. I may not have watched Arsenal beat Barcelona, but I’ve spent a lovely evening with you. Time for cake.


Reverse image search - useful for spotting scammers or copyrighted image library photos. Free for personal use (Firefox plugin) or commercial pricing for the API

The #Brits are so bad I’d rather watch Spurs.

Use Gravatars in Propane

Add to ~Library/Application Support/Propane/unsupported in version 1.1.2 to see Gravatars against each user’s name in a chat room.

Using microformats to show you fancy someone. Geeks do it with rel=“crush” /via @currybet

@TSFGuardian This Thierry Henry goal v Spurs was pretty special too: and Brady’s–2vzQP6KQ

Forget Valentine’s Day, I’m currently giddy to learn that the new @radiohead album #thekingoflimbs is out on Saturday

@globaldev The balloons are pretty, but can you put the gremlin on the right of the photo back in the box? He’s scaring me.

Cracking day at the rugby this afternoon. Italy left a few holes but England were far too good anyway. Time for a curry!


Easy-to-use Ruby HTTP/REST client library with caching support


An interesting-looking schemaless, distributed, RESTful search engine, built on top of Lucene, with built-in support for multi-tenancy, data sharding, failover and automatic state restoration /via @timblair

Error: Firefox not compatible with windows /via @neilmiddleton

@cbetta Luke Hubbard (@lukeinth) may be able to help with #red5 work.

Nursing @larrylou100 back to health after being concussed this afternoon. Treatment includes chinese, chocolate and a dreadful romcom.

Tweets aren’t private and republishing isn’t an invasion of privacy, rules the Press Complaints Commission (UK)

Degradable JavaScript Applications Using HTML5 pushState

Also some neat DRY techniques for graceful degradation using Sinatra/Mustache and Davis.js/Mustache so that the web server routes/templates match the client versions


Library to support multiple file uploads using jQuery, Flash and PHP (in the examples).

Boastful, a new tweetback library for your blog

Uses jQuery and Topsy to find people who have tweeted a link to a specified URL

Finally saw The King’s Speech last night. Thoroughly worth all the acclaim it has had.

@marckysharky Snake! It’s a snake!

Door-to-door bible bashers: if you’re trying to convince me there’s a God, don’t use the Garden of Eden story as your main argument.

Delivering email with Amazon SES in a Rails 3 app

@neilmiddleton They’re more like Ewoks. Hmm, cross Star Wars/Trek analogy there.

Sad to be missing out on a London reunion with ex colleagues tonight, but happy to be making progress with rebooting the @globaldev team.

Filling out my appraisal form. I’ve done my fair share of these as a manager, but it’s much harder filling out your own #grumble #hr

@meta_alex Isn’t a private cloud just a fancy name for dedicated servers behind a load balancer?!

A Pictory Guide to New Zealand

Photos and commentary, with NZ fonts too