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October 2011

Long but rewarding day recruiting for @globaldev at Silicon Milkroundabout in London. Big thanks to @jasonkneen @tomgiddings @jimeh #smr

@cronkshaw At a conference but have been watching the score. What a bonkers season!

Given up trying to put together a #bcl9 talk while here. Too much good stuff that I don’t want to miss. Very high standard so far.

@Tomtids We were, although they seem to have toned down the ducks. Have you been?

Up very early and now on my first train to get to BarCamp London. #bcl9

@andrewgarner Busboy to pair with postboy?

Turns out that having hot stones rubbed over you is really quite pleasant. Spa day at the Runnymede was very nice today.

Just received my £270 cheque from @envirofoneuk for my iPhone 4. Easy, transparent and less stress than eBay. Recommended.

“Two-thirds of mobile search comes from Apple iOS devices” /via @gruber

In a white hire van on the M4. Van’s clean and shiny, we forgot to buy The Sun to put on the dash and radio is tuned to XFM. #doingitwrong

Want a Ruby job at a UK startup? Come to Silicon Milkroundabout in London this Sunday /cc @milkroundabout

@jimeh Good point. Best stay away from McDonalds or Shakeaway.

@jimeh Half term, dude. Savour it, the kids will be back at school next week.

@RadioSuntan @teina @deepfried Delighted for my old kiwi mates. Congratulations guys!

Presenting at the Silver day at the @wld Partner Conference #wldconf (@ Fanham Hall Hotel)

@jongilbraith @globaldev Fantastic work, guys. All went beautifully.

Brand new @wld mobile web project demo’d to partners to great acclaim. Bolt-ons also well received. All credit to @globaldev team #wldconf

Team @wld hard at work in the conservatory (@ Fanham Hall Hotel w/ @rosswilliams) [pic]:

Slides are done, notes written, now for the drive to Hertfordshire to prepare for our annual @wld Partner Conference.

@jasonkneen We’re lucky to work in an Apple-preferred environment :)

Feeling sorry for the man sitting in front in a grey suit plodding through emails in Outlook 2003 on a big, grey, corporate Windows laptop.

Mobile coverage on SW Trains routes: still abysmal.

All the Shine compilations collected at Spotify playlists Sleeper! Kula Shaker! Kenickie! Marion!

Shine Compilations on Spotify

iOS-Simulator Cropper

Takes screenshots from the iOS Simulator and optionally adds iPhone/iPad chrome around

Private Eye

Free network monitor for Mac. Buy Radio Silence to block and manage the firewall

iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S)

For designing for the retina display (640x960)

@grayhaze Lakeside FTW #essex

@jasonkneen And yet it’s still in its wrapper. Too busy!

@thesambarnes What would your PM friends say if they knew that you’d just become a client? You’ll be kicked out of the brotherhood…!

@jasonkneen Yep, worth discussing with the PMs. We tried PT a while back. With the GApps integration it could be worth a second look.

Forget Big Brother, a massive Steve Jobs poster on the wall would make you think twice before doing anything half-arsed


Built The Guardian’s Facebook app

@sevarina Only if he asks nicely. The iPad 2 should be with you both next week when @tomgiddings brings it home for you.

Pivotal Tracker now integrates with Google Apps - attach a GDoc or use SSO with team


Much cheaper tariffs, plus unlimited texts and data. Runs on O2’s network

@neilmiddleton RIM woes still not licked?

@bfirsh Massively impressed with the Guardian iPad app. Gorgeous but also responsive. Congratulations #guardianipad

@rosswilliams All legit. Launch wasn’t until this evening. Holding off until I get my 4S on Friday…

@mattjukes 17/20. Emigrants: choose Australia, it’s much easier to pass their test…

I feel sorry for RIM engineers down the road in Slough right now. On the day Apple’s iMessage launches BBM is in its third day of downtime.

@Tomtids It all makes sense. You’re too tall to be British, Mr Burr. Or should that be, M. Buerre?

@2by I’d like to think those who get full marks are rejected for being a Smart Alec or Clever Dick.

@mattjukes Impressive. You know more about the UK than 99% of British people in that case.

@ian_winter Nice try, Monsieur Hiver. Time to move back to France…

18/24 = above pass level in the UK citizenship test. Easy. Everyone who’s failing: report to Dover for deportation


Lovely vector icon set in EPS format

Accelerating Titanium Development with CoffeeScript, Compass, and Sass

Useful slides on the technologies, regardless of whether you’re using them with Titanium

The new Müller yoghurt advert with Mister Men, KITT, Muttley and Yogi Bear is insane

@scott_collins Good luck, Scott. Have a cracking day.

@nstanley Me too. Powerless to resist.

Steve Jobs: died too early but his legacy will live on for years to come. Sad start to the day.

I’m a total client: contradicted my own brief for @thesambarnes’ project #badboss

I don’t like listening to the public singing ballads and then crying or celebrities dancing in blouses. TV is pretty much a write-off.


Buy a domain packaged with its own logo. List of startup-friendly names for $250 each.