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October 2014

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Info pages: publishing data about user needs and metrics | Inside GOV.UK

@andrewgarner That’s very nice. Love the user need and acceptance criteria sections.


List of cursors available through CSS

My ears are still ringing from the superb and very loud @mogwaiband in Brighton on Sunday. Need to get an ear trumpet.

Using Alfred to setup your dev environment

How we do… Retrospectives

(by SoundCloud)

Getting Started with Node.js (for Cocoa developers)

rgrove/sanitize · GitHub

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Happy Diwali! Curry night in Singapore.

@cronkshaw Looks amazing. When does the next flight leave Heathrow…?!

SweetAlert for Bootstrap

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Apple on the hamburger menu: "The potential for bloat & misuse is tremendous…"

Apple on Hamburger Menus

Just don’t

iOS Devices for

google/material-design-icons · GitHub

Alamofire/Alamofire · GitHub

Enjoying a nice cup of tea after the #WLD2014 conference with this little @wld gingerbread man

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@barryf @wld don't forget @ahollandgp!!!

@hannah__alice @wld @ahollandgp Sorry Aaron. Wondered how Hannah was in two rooms at once!

Take a look at the @WLD timeline where @hannah__alice is doing a superb job livetweeting photos and insights from each #WLD2014 session.

My #WLD2014 presentation is done. Now listening to speakers from Google, Twitter and Facebook who have come to present to our partners.

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Next up is @barryf with his product review & roadmap. We're looking forward to sharing our exciting plans for the @wld platform #WLD2014
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The superb @barryf rehearsing his fantastic presentation for @globaldev at #WLD2014 :
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@barryf I do believe your London offices are about 50 metres from where I'm working in Wellington Street! Do you have a big gang there??

@GrahamM_6t9 That’s really very close. Yes, we’re ~20 in the London office now. How are you these days?

rsl/stringex · GitHub

Collaborating on a presentation by sending PowerPoint slides back-and-forth. I thought we’d solved this problem in 2006 @timblair.

Shutl Architecture Evolution: Neo4j | Shutl Tech Blog

Great writeup from @akashb on how we use Neo4j, the graph database, and the engineering journey that got us here:

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Hooray! (via @joemuggs) Chris Morris retrospective set for BBC Radio 4 Extra | Comedy News | The Skinny
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RoboRoss is coming to get you @barryf ; ) “@globalpersonals: We won't grass on the real culprit though...*cough*...Barry...*cough*”

@rosswilliams @globalpersonals Tut tut, GP account. Never had you down as a snitch.

plataformatec/simple_form · GitHub

amatsuda/kaminari · GitHub

“A leather-clad robotic core” - like @jsnell’s, my iPhone 6 is smartly ensconced in a midnight blue leather case

@MindTheProduct I thought you’d like to know, we just hired our new Product Manager via our advert on the MTP job board. Thanks!

Listening to a recording of David Bowie narrating Peter and the Wolf. As good as it sounds.

44 engineering management lessons

Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap - Inside Intercom

I’m Agile But My Contract Isn’t: How to Align Contracts with Agile Software Development Teams

Agile Metrics by Spotify — Medium

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Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on my #dpm2014 presentation :) slides now available at

@thesambarnes Those are some AWESOME slides, Sam. Sounds like you killed it. Bravo 👏

jeremytregunna/ruby-trello · GitHub


Audio recording from OS X


“Business intelligence that helps customers use data to achieve success. Looker enables true data discovery.”

Centralised Event Logging with RabbitFeed

The Elon Musk interview on Mars colonisation – Ross Andersen – Aeon

Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Terms of Service highlights with ratings for major web apps


Documentation for Swift

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@barryf I'm considering putting Windows10 tech preview on my MAIN laptop. That's how rock and roll I am these days :-)

@cronkshaw Living life dangerously there! I’ve not been brave enough to put Yosemite on my Mac. In years gone by I’d install early betas.

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@barryf You've changed.... :-)

@cronkshaw Sad but true. Need to get back to a bit of evening/weekend hacking.

Reverse Proxy Caching Example - Nginx

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@barryf I use a Windows 7 machine now.

@tomgiddings #prayfortom

Just realised I had Word, Excel and PowerPoint all open on my Mac. Feel dirty now.