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Using camo for SSL image proxying

I’ve just set up SSL image proxying on my website through camo to make sure any external non-https images are served via https. Camo is a simple HTTP proxy that also encrypts URLs with HMAC to prevent someone piggy-backing off your service.

Currently running nicely through Heroku using their wildcard SSL certificate. My first time using a “Deploy to Heroku” button which made this ridiculously easy to get set up.

I now wrap external (http) image URLs on here with camo_image():

# from

def hexenc(image_url)
  image_url.to_enum(:each_byte).map { |byte| "%02x" % byte }.join

def camo_image(image_url)
  hexdigest = OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest("sha1"), CAMO_KEY, image_url)
  encoded_image_url = hexenc(image_url)

You can see it in action here.