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March 2015

Lost Destination: Highbury

60 x 80cm version of our Highbury print which pays homage to Arsenal’s much loved home from 1913 to 2006.


HTTP API Design Guide

DNS Performance

Compare the speed of enterprise and commercial DNS services

Rainforest QA

QA as a Service - Say No to Old-School QA!

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anyone got any fantastic examples of product on boarding videos?

@agit8or Sandwich Video @sandwich make the best product videos I’ve seen

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So, a guy takes a panoramic shot of his living room and the cat photo-bombs it... like a boss!
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My dad retires today after spending 30 odd years teaching the youth of Chippenham how to enjoy books. He deserves massive credit for that.

The Terrible Sea Lion ("Sealioning")

a slang term referring to intrusive attempts at engaging an unwilling debate opponent by feigning civility and incessantly requesting evidence to back up their claims.

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Co-organizers of #IndieWebCamp #Cambridge #2015,,, and (not pictured, host Photo by @halleytucker Really great working with these folks, especially awesome seeing Ben Roberts go from first t…

This week, while in Boston, I finally attended my first #indiewebcamp – two days of sharing, hacking and working on projects with some lovely, friendly people to help further the independent web.

Getting back to building stuff was so rewarding personally, especially getting feedback from web legend Tantek Çelik and others also trying to solve the same problems.

Thanks to the organisers, Ben and David, and all the other attendees who made a British part-time developer feel welcome and renewed my passion to keep coding. Until the next IWC.

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Achievement unlocked for this evening: super easy webmention endpoint up thanks to :D #indieweb
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‘Everything in Its Right Place’ by Radiohead


A Ruby interface for Web Services


UI kit for Heroku’s web interfaces

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‘Place to Be’ by Nick Drake
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Fresh shave in a proper Italian barber in #Boston this week. #northend #barber #freshwhip #beard
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@barryf not to worry. Happy hacking!

@losowsky Thanks! Shame to be on the same seaboard as you without meeting up.

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@barryf Welcome to this side of the pond. Coming to nyc?

@losowsky Not this trip I’m afraid. Flying visit to Boston for work and to Cambridge for some hacking. Back home on Sunday.

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#indiewebcamp Dinner at Cambridge 2015

Dinner with the #IndieWebCamp group in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to @tantek and Mozilla.

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#IndieWebCamp group photo at #MIT meetup
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Hello from iwc ( s/8A)
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@barryf so whenever I'm in the U.S. & it's cold I try and see how little time one can spend outside. My record? 2 mins in a 5 day trip :-)

@RoboJL Very smart. Almost froze my ears off walking 10 mins from hotel to office. Tomorrow, no matter how bad for the planet, taxi!

In Boston for some work and hacking stateside. It’s absolutely flipping freezing outside but so far enjoying my few days here. Already eaten my week’s worth of calories so Doing It Right.

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Pretty swanky venue for a developer conference. Chandeliers and Ruby. #BathRuby


iOS app and webservice for tracking/storing your own location

Swift tutorial: Networking, JSON, Table Views, and MVVM

Pretty swanky venue for a developer conference. Chandeliers and Ruby. #BathRuby

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Oh and come visit @danbartlett on our @BathRuby stand. We have old skool sweet treats - fruit salad & black jacks!
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@barryf ruby peeps are heading to Westgate pub for a pint later tonight if you fancy. I'm at speakers dinner, but will stop in ~9:30ish

@danbartlett Nice. I’m going to get some food in a bit but I might pop in to the Westgate after.

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@barryf promise not avoiding you :) @BathRuby

@nstanley Ha, I come all this way! Enjoy #SXSW

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Excited about attending my first #Ruby conference tomorrow @BathRuby

Just arrived in beautiful Bath, ready for tomorrow’s @BathRuby conference.

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I didn't ever think it'd be appropriate for a man to buy me pants. This has now changed, BEHOLD!!!


GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems.

Vaurien, the Chaos TCP Proxy

Vaurien is basically a Chaos Monkey for your TCP connections. Vaurien acts as a proxy between your application and any backend. You can use it in your functional tests or even on a real deployment through the command-line.

MMS: The easiest way to run MongoDB

Cloud managed MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice

Password Masking

Single-page site presenting a study into the effects of showing vs masking a password when entering it in an input field. In summary:

Clear text passwords do increase usability, but don’t force the change upon your customers. Offer it as an option and let them use it when they feel comfortable.


Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby. It features syntax highlighting, a flexible plugin architecture, runtime invocation and source and documentation browsing.

Rails on Docker

Step-by-step instructions for getting a Docker instance set up with Rails


A dialog system and bot engine for creating human-like chat bots.


Suede - Love & Poison

Video from Suede’s 1993 Brixton gig

10 interview questions for QA managers

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Why I'm excited about Known Pro (and what's next for us) 2 min read We launched Known Pro today. It's the best way to reach your audience, wherever they are on the…
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Just because you *can* post screenshots of text from an article or mobile web page doesn’t mean you *should*.

@ioptics Living in America

I’m attending @indiewebcamp Cambridge at @MIT on 2015-03-19..20

RSVP: yes

Note to self: I need to work on my RSVP post type


Ruby regular expression editor and tester


I’m not a fan of screenshotting text for Twitter, but I love this app’s workflow.

Smart ideas needed to create the nation's greatest teams

Think about who you would take with you if you were leaving the company […] If it’s not all of them, you’re probably not working with the right people.

– Jason Stockwood in The Sunday Times

Frontend Guidelines

Some HTML, CSS and JS best practices.

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One of the fun touches on early 911s was the diagonal '911' type. A little unexpected and a bit quirky, just like the car itself. Great design detail. #typography #cartype