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October 2015
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So many Slackbot costumes! For us, today is Caloween: The day we all dress up as our CTO @iamcal and surprise him.👻
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Hivemind: Best podcast app? Overcast, Pocketcasts or something else? Finally too frustrated with Apple’s app.

@losowsky I use Overcast

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May I introduce to you Henry Jonathan Frost, my nephew! He is quite clearly a professional athlete in the making #uncleBen #pushyuncle
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@barryf Congratulations Barry, really happy for you both :-)

@andrewscrivener Cheers Andy.

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@barryf Congrats to both of you Barry!

@StevieBuckley Thanks Steve. And good luck in your new venture.

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@barryf Massive congrats!

@cronkshaw Cheers! The fun begins now…

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@barryf congratulations!

@boffbowsh Thanks Bowsh. Your turn next :)

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@barryf congratulations Barry!

@GrahamM_6t9 thanks Graham

Introducing my son, Henry Frost. I’m a very proud dad.

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Absolute number one favourite xxx #happybirthday #emotionalsocialmediapost


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