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November 2016
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Join us for an evening of quiet writing, wiki editing, IndieWeb demos and discussions. 

I’m going.

Performed by only the most skilled, a Lucky Barry is a crap where bog roll is only required for posterity. In essence it’s the perfect crap with no mess. Handy when attempting to take a crap in the woods. “There was no bog roll in the shitter, thank God it was a Lucky Barry.”

TIL: Lucky Barry.


Build auto-scaling, pay-per-execution, event-driven apps on AWS Lambda


Converts HTML form into JavaScript object


a lightweight cross browser JavaScript microformats parser

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"Reporting Cucumber Results in Slack" - new post on our blog by @stevesmith2609 #cucumber #automation
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Happy Third Birthday to the Homebrew Website Club!

Homebrew Website Club, London, 2016-11-16

London #indieweb people: join us at Homebrew Website Club tonight at 6pm in Covent Garden.

cc @timblair @hobbsy

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Join us for an evening of quiet writing, wiki editing, IndieWeb demos and discussions. RSVP here and or

I’m going.

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Big news: SSL certificate automation is here for all DNSimple customers!🎊🎉 Checkout our @letsencrypt integration -…
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Sunday night’s supermoon and SF. 📷 @kudeki #latergram #nofilter What will you do to stand against the coming darkness? #supermoon #darkness #SF #city #lights #urban #night #stand


Fraud/spam prevention tools that originate from Facebook/Instagram teams

My MacBook Pro is almost always closed and plugged in to a display. I’d love to buy a wireless keyboard with TouchID for 1Password/Apple Pay.

This post has been deleted and is no longer available.

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Look forward to seeing this at the next homebrew!

I’ll be happy to! Thanks for the webmention.

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@barryf there you go some sweet webmention love :) by the way: this returns "internal server error" when I log in with my domain.

Thanks Rick. Appreciated!

Yes, Micropublish now needs some love. It’s no longer compatible with the latest Micropub drafts.


I’m happy to say this site is now running my new IndieWeb microblogging software, Transformative, which I’ve open-sourced on GitHub.

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First visit to the new Tepilo office. Memories of when this company could fit around a kit…


Transformative is a microblogging engine that powers my personal website It’s written in Ruby and supports several key IndieWeb technologies as detailed below.

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@barryf I'll try again!
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annoying to have a watch PIN though isn't it? That's why I stopped

@nstanley Oh really? I don’t find I need to enter the Watch PIN. You can unlock the Watch with its paired iPhone.

Success rate of my Apple Watch unlocking my MacBook Pro is now in the 90s% 👍

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Beautifully written and spot on 👍

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So I’ve been hacking away for a couple of months but I think I’m almost there with my new personal website/engine.

My aim has been to rebuild to support the latest Micropub draft specification, including full edits and deletes/undeletes via JSON, and pass the and test suites.

I’m now at 100% for both and I suppose all that’s left is to refactor a tiny bit, import my content, write it up and then push it live. It’s tempting to keep tinkering but I think I’ll learn more from selfdogfooding and getting it out in the wild.

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I just refuse to watch a fillm now without live orchestra. I’ve made it.

@thesambarnes What a fat cat…

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@thesambarnes Do you actually live in the Royal Albert Hall these days?


Small CSS framework with forms and grids


Secure random number generation for Ruby using system RNG facilities


A full-featured markdown parser and compiler, written in JavaScript. Built for speed.

Responsive HTML Email Templates

Netflix Original Series, Ranked (Again)


UK Managed Hosting & Cloud Hosting Experts


A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

Adding code highlight to your Sinatra app with Rouge

Devices | Facebook Design

Images and Sketch files for popular devices

Your Social Media Fingerprint

Shows which sites you’re logged in to via a simple browser technique.

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Spent an interesting evening at #exetercodingdojo learning about graph databases.

A friend looking for a project mgmt job for 4 months asked for help from friends on Facebook. Within a week has 3 job offers. Recruitment.