Announcing Transformative

UPDATE: My website now uses newer software. This post is maintained for posterity.

I’m happy to say this site is now running my new IndieWeb microblogging software, Transformative, which I’ve open-sourced on GitHub.

The main reason behind the rewrite was to support the latest Micropub specification. Sometimes it’s easier (and more fun) to try a different approach than battle legacy decisions, especially when it’s your own site. Content is now Microformats2 end-to-end and stored in a GitHub repo.

Transformative passes all Micropub tests in the very handy test suite. I’ve also contributed a few updates to the Ruby webmention gem and this site now also meets a healthy level of compliance with the Webmention spec, including updates and deletes.

Underneath, I’ve used Ruby and Sinatra again, but I’ve switched hosting back to Heroku from a VPS, mainly because I didn’t want to have to install and configure Postgres or do regular sysadmin chores. Doing so was interesting for a while.

Cloudflare sits in front of Heroku and maintains a free full SSL connection for pages, while S3 serves media securely.

The new site should hopefully have kept 100% of older posts at the same URLs by maintaining the previous URL scheme, or via redirects if needed. No link rot here.

Next, I want (and need) to update my Micropub client, Micropublish, to bring it up-to-date and support editing and deleting of posts.

Send me a webmention (or tweet) and let me know what you think.



  • @barryf Test Webmention : Transformative is a microblogging engine that powers It's written in Ruby and supports several key IndieWeb technologies as detailed below.
  • Test Webmention : Transformative is a microblogging engine that powers It's……
  • there you go some sweet webmention love :) (
  • Look forward to seeing this at the next homebrew!