Week 3: Gig

  • Both boys resumed swimming lessons this week. I remember my own lessons, clinging on to small, white, polystyrene floats and kicking my back legs fiercely. And swallowing lungfuls of water. These days kids have big tubes that do a much better job of keeping their heads above water.
  • I had another rearranged gig. Arab Strap at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. I met Andy at the Good Mixer, sitting outside on benches on the pavement, with a beer, in the early evening warmth. Arab Strap were excellent. Live music is the best.
  • It was C’s first day at nursery. He skipped to school alongside his big brother and went in without a hint of a wobble. Another milestone passed.
  • I received my exciting new coffee machine – the Opal One – which seems to do a much better job of squeezing out coffee into a mug than my wheezing, old faithful which has now been retired. It’s the Circle of Life.
  • I gave some feedback on the current market for hiring in tech to one of my favourite writers in our industry, Gergely Orosz. The situation is indeed “wild”. The finished post will be in his next newsletter.
  • This year H will be learning how to use a Proper Computer at school. He’s comfortable with an iPad but hasn’t needed to use a non-touch device like a Mac. I decided I would help him with some basics: using a mouse, logging in with a password and searching in a web browser. It’s surprising how unintuitive it all was, seen through his eyes.
  • Even though tennis isn’t my sport, it was hard not to be impressed by fearless Emma Raducanu winning the US Open. It was well worth staying up to see.
  • H had his first mini rugby session after the summer break. He’s in the bigger kids group now. Offside and touch-tackling was new to him, and while he was the youngest, he wasn’t overawed. I love watching him learn.
  • The week ended with a barbecue with a few local couples and their children. I don’t always enjoy socialising in groups, but I had a fun few hours with beers and a burger while the boys happily bounced nearby on the trampoline. A good way to finish.