Week 5: Derby

I didn’t download any of the iOS betas this year, so Monday’s release was my first chance to try iOS 15. The Safari address bar move is still jarring, but makes sense and I’m persevering with the new default. Lots of incremental improvements and happily it all feels solid.

I’ve been invited to a school dads’ drink in the village pub next week. It’s nice to be asked. I’ll just have to battle past the social anxiety. Relevant:

At work I tend to wear the IT hat and set up MacBooks for new staff. I’m learning more about MDM (mobile device management) for which our Apple reseller, Hardsoft, runs webinars. I usually prefer reading a blog post on a topic to a video call, but this one was informative and they committed to planting a tree with Time4Trees for every attendee. I like knowing I’m responsible for a tree, even if it is in Dartford.

I did some responsible stuff: I got my office’s air conditioning serviced and booked a boiler man.

In the early hours of Friday my iPhone woke me up with a worrying strobing light. It kept restarting so I switched it off and went back to sleep. By morning it was a brick… on the day the new iPhones 13 launched – was this a sign to upgrade? Although sorely, sorely tempted, I did the right thing and claimed for a replacement on my mobile insurance. 24 hours later and I had a fresh handset, so in a way I did get my new iPhone 😜.

Do you use punctuation with an emoji? If so, is it before or after? 🤷

I started reading How to be a Husband by Tim Dowling. He’s a columnist for The Guardian and often writes about his wife and children, occasionally revealing a little too much. While my posts don’t quite have the same readership as Tim’s, it’s worth remembering to be discrete. Good book so far.

The perfect full-stop to the week was a 3-1 win for Arsenal in the North London Derby. Beating the enemy still gives me the same satisfaction in my middle years.