Week 6: Local

  • We learned this week that planning was granted for 160+ houses on fields nearby. The local opposition was finally defeated after a long battle. It’s hard not to be a little NIMBY about it, but it’s undoubtedly going to be busier here, and noisy while they build.
  • There was a morning of school WhatsApp group panic when four of H’s classmates tested positive for Covid. Our Lateral Flow Tests were negative: we’ve all escaped it (for now).
  • The UK fuel crisis continues. L had been ferrying the boys around in my relatively-unused car after hers was approaching empty. But this week she gave in, and after waiting about 20 minutes in a patient queue, she managed to fill up.
  • I joined a few local dads in the village pub on Friday night. Talk was less about our children, more about Liam Gallagher’s 2022 return to nearby Knebworth. I’d rather see Oasis in 1996, but it feels like a gig worth seeing, especially as we can walk there!
  • The nights are drawing in and Autumn has arrived. The heating is on.
  • We went out for a Sunday roast to end the week. The boys behaved beautifully, my lunch was excellent and the couple of IPAs went down very well. Can’t ask for more than that.