Week 7: Together

  • When Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, it’s easy to chuckle as a very light user. I’m more of a Twitter and iCloud person. But for friends and family, along with billions of others, Facebook is the internet. This week’s downtime only makes the case for breaking it up stronger.
  • Like Aaron, my #indieweb website was of course still up.
  • We finished watching the resumed season of Billions, the last episodes with the excellent Damian Lewis. His final scene was an apt full-stop.
  • We then started Squid Game. We’re halfway through. It’s… not good? But also addictive. I’m sure it doesn’t help that we’re watching the dubbed version instead of with subtitles.
  • At work, we had our first company meet-up since before Covid. I organised a packed morning with my team — ice breaker game, State of the Nation, Slacklog exercise, collaboration — and then lunch at Haché. It was great. I’d missed having time face-to-face.
  • The afternoon was with the rest of the company. We’re a sizeable 31 in total now. Following an All-Hands was drinks and Family Feud/Fortunes with everyone. It was a bit chaotic, very competitive and lots of fun.
  • L ordered herself a swanky new Apple Watch Series 7 on release day. She chose the Midnight Blue case and strap. While I had warned her to be ready to buy from the 1pm pre-order, she waited a few hours and delivery had slipped by a month. This would have annoyed me, but she was unconcerned. Upgrading from a Series 1 to a 7, it’s going to be a huge jump.