Week 8: School

  • I joined Monday’s virtual LRUG (London Ruby User Group) meet-up. Joel from our team presented a talk on memoisation being an antipattern. I’m biased, but I thought he nailed it.
  • We began watching the second series of the excellent Guilt. Mark Bonnar is his brooding, superb self, written by Neil Forsyth. The first series is also on BBC iPlayer.
  • After a long search for a new software engineer at work we hired Belfast-based Joe. I love that in the post-Covid world we’re not limited to people living in a commutable distance to London. Remote work FTW.
  • I filled in for Hayley while she’s on holiday, running a team retrospective. She runs a tight ship. Maintaining her standards for next week’s sprint-planning is going to be tough.
  • On Friday, L did her first afternoon’s teaching since our eldest was born, working as a supply teacher in the boys’ primary school. She was apprehensive, but loved getting back on the horse.
  • We all went to the school on Saturday for H’s birthday party. Thirty of his classmates, all his grandparents and Mr Marvel. Perfect, silly magic and a real rabbit.
  • I bought a large Dracaena plant for my office from the garden centre. I don’t have the greatest track record with plants, but it’s supposed to be easy to care for.