Week 11: Sparklers

  • I had a new starter in my team: Joe from Belfast. I set up an onboarding programme of individual intro meetings, environment setup with his buddy, pairing sessions and raising a pull request. But, most importantly, to ask lots of questions and not to rush.
  • I watched Camille Fournier’s live interview about engineering management via Zoom. This kind of remote, mini-conference talk from an expert like Camille is a perfect, maybe superior, substitute for in-person events.
  • My barely-used car passed its MOT and had its annual service. I really should sell it, but it’s occasionally useful for driving to the train station on a day when L needs the β€œfamily” car.
  • I had a haircut. I am thankful for still having hair at /my age/.
  • L had another morning as a supply teacher at the local school. This time it was in C’s class. He apparently took it in his stride having his mummy as his teacher, who also enjoyed herself teaching again. It looks like being a regular occurrence.
  • We met up with my brother-in-law and family in East London on Saturday. The cousins started with trampolining and soft play at the Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre and then we had lunch at nearby Lloyd Park Market before hitting the playground. Adults and children were shattered.
  • We watched Focus. It was OK.
  • We wrapped up the week with some sparklers in the garden. I remember the terrifying public health campaigns of my childhood about the dangers of picking up fireworks and sparklers. L’s smart solution was to poke the non-sparkler ends into carrots for the children to hold. No hands were burnt πŸ‘.