Week 12: Drinks

  • It was our monthly All-Hands day at work, this time held at the TOG at White Collar Factory in Old Street. I ran a workshop between my team and Customer Success to prioritise features and sketch ideas for our new messaging feature. It was a productive session and I collected plenty of Post-It notes and Sharpie scribbles.
  • The All-Hands was fine, although we haven’t cracked how to ensure those unable to be there were able to participate remotely. We need an upgrade from two laptops and a webcam on a tripod.
  • Drinks after was at The Crown and Shuttle. While I love working from home, I miss in-person socials like this, chatting to people outside my team. I found out colleague Dan’s football team has played in my village. I’ll go watch him next time.
  • L was back in the classroom as a supply teacher for C’s nursery class. Our youngest has been coughing like a smoker and has been off sick, most probably a cold picked up from his classmates. L then developed her own cough so we’ve all been Covid-testing. So far all clear.
  • I took the day off on Thursday to travel back into London for a lunch with Darren and Paul, two ex-colleagues. We meet every six months or so, but because of Covid it had been two years since the last one. Lunch was boozy and expensive and just what I needed. I think I was in bed by 8pm!
  • I’ve enjoyed receiving issues and feedback on Vibrancy and Micropublish from Jamie. It’s really motivating seeing others use projects I started and it’s prompted me to hack on improvements.
  • My parents visited on Sunday. I cooked us all a decent roast chicken, although the boys preferred their normal Hula Hoops and houmous lunch. One day my children will enjoy my cooking! It was a good rehearsal for Christmas when my parents are coming to stay: a visit postponed from last year’s Christmas lockdown.