Week 13: Birthday

  • We had a mini re-org at work this week as we push for the release of our new platform. Organisational changes are not to be taken lightly, but the team have responded well. Relevant: we’re now hiring for three new contract roles.
  • This week I heard from a couple of people in my network who I’ve chatted to about job hunting. Both accepted exciting offers and start new jobs in the new year. As Gergely says, the tech job market is white hot right now.
  • Our cat, Poppy, started limping so needed a trip to the vets and anti-inflammatory medicine. She’s a good cat: no grumbling and back to her old self a couple of days later.
  • I was lucky in the Oval ballot for England cricket tickets next year and can buy tickets for July’s ODI v India and September’s Test v South Africa next Tuesday. 🏏❤️
  • I was at the Forum in Kentish Town for Martin Rossiter’s twice-postponed “farewell show”. Hearing the lead singer from my favourite band, Gene, belt out the hits 17 years after Gene split was bound to be a bit emotional. It was. I admit I was misty-eyed hearing We Could Be Kings and Olympian for what Martin says will be the last time. I hope it’s not.
  • From saluting Rozzer on Saturday to celebrating my birthday on Sunday. With fortunately only a hint of a fuzzy head, we went for lunch at the Lytton Arms where the boys’ behaviour was acceptable and the roast pork excellent.
  • These weeknotes are a day later than usual because to finish off my birthday L and I sat down to watch No Time To Die. No spoilers, but a fitting way to round off Daniel Craig’s Bond.