Week 15: Ouch

  • The Omicron variant is on its way and could be serious. I’ll continue being careful, avoiding crowds, wearing my mask on public transport and in shops. And I booked my booster jab for the earliest slot I could, six months after my second vaccination on New Year’s Eve.
  • The family car has a flat rear tyre, discovered the day after returning from a long, multi-motorway trip. Yikes. Best not to dwell on what could have happened and just get it replaced.
  • While brushing my teeth early this week I coughed and immediately felt a sharp back twinge. I had a few days of discomfort when twisting, but I’m mostly back to normal now. Is this a sign of age? Do I need to start looking into pilates?
  • I have some new Fives trousers from Spoke. I hate shopping, but I like using well-designed, stress-free, online shopping experiences. They fit well, are extremely comfortable and are a clear upgrade on my multiple pairs of identical jeans. You can get £25 off with my referral link.
  • L was away this weekend in York with some local friends. I believe cocktails were drunk. This meant I was solo-parenting. It doesn’t happen often, but I quite enjoyed spending time with my two, playing Mario Kart and puzzle games and eating sausages and chips.
  • I took them to my parents’ for the Sunday afternoon, where the boys could also meet up with my sister’s two, slightly older children. It was a huge success: they slept the whole way home. And then their mummy came home to top the day off.