Week 24: Covid

  • Our family’s Covid saga escalated as expected. It spread from one boy to the other, then to L and me. After two years of the pandemic without catching Covid I was hoping I’d escaped, but there’s very little you can do when your own children are coughing in your face!
  • We’ve thankfully only been mildly affected. The boys briefly had high temperatures and us adults had cold-like symptoms. It could have been a different story without vaccinations and boosters. Thank science for that.
  • We’ve been watching a lot of TV, especially the excellent The Responder, Stay Close and many, many viewings of The Highway Rat.
  • My new job is starting to click. I ran a workshop between product and engineering and took my first interview. Although it’s going to take time to fully understand the business and technology, I enjoyed being able to contribute.
  • Next week my new boss is flying in to London, so I’m hoping I can test negative in time to meet her in person.
  • In the meantime, we’re at home isolating 😐