Week 27: Ukraine

  • It’s hard not to be horrified and angry about the invasion of Ukraine this week. I have current and ex colleagues affected and I feel terrible for them. We’ve donated to the Red Cross appeal and you can too.
  • Normal life doesn’t feel so important, but I’ll finish these subdued notes.
  • We booked a holiday for next February. We’re joining friends at a Center Parcs in Belgium. They’ve been several times and rave about it. It feels unusually organised to be booking so far in advance.
  • I went into the office on Thursday. Each time I visit I’m meeting new people and after so long working from home I’m enjoying being around colleagues again. From next week we’ll be moving to two days each week, so let’s see if the novelty wears off.
  • We had my first company All-Hands and I was asked to present for Engineering. A good way to introduce myself to the other ~150 staff and I didn’t embarrass myself.
  • I tried a new route to the office, driving west to catch a direct train from Harpenden rather than from the closer Welwyn North which is non-direct. The trains were faster, but I didn’t enjoy the longer drive home down dark, windy, country lanes. I’ll stick with my normal route.
  • After being housebound for Covid and school half-term, this week all of us had overdue haircuts. Feeling smart again.