Week 29: Park

  • Hybrid working has begun at work. Three days at home; two days in the office. In our engineering team we’re coordinating on Wednesdays and Thursdays as our office days, helped by a company lunch and drinks to lure in staff. It’s nice to see people in the flesh, although I haven’t missed hunting for an empty meeting room.
  • I haven’t missed commuting either. Delays, cancellations and rain. I’d almost forgotten!
  • This time, after the latest Apple event, I avoided ordering anything. Even though the Studio Display is perfect: 5K screen and built-in webcam, mic and speakers. My 4K Dell display, Logitech webcam and laptop mic/speakers are all fine I guess.
  • On Saturday we met old friends for lunch at The Wellington and then playtime back at ours for the children. It’s not been easy to host people for the last two years (for obvious reasons), so it was nice.
  • I pushed a new release of Micropublish with a contribution from Henrique to support photo uploads. I’ve struggled to find time to review PRs lately, but it’s genuinely exciting having others work on a project I started because they find it useful.
  • We popped over the road this afternoon with the boys to play park football with other children from their school. I joined dads and mums to help the year 1s against the year 3s. I was really impressed with H’s defending and running against bigger boys. However, Daddy managed to make one boy cry with a clearance that hit his hand. Oops.