Week 32: Holiday

  • I write from a lovely cottage in Norfolk, not too far from the sea. We’re spending a week here for the start of the boys’ Easter holidays.
  • We drove up on Friday afternoon after school broke up early. Norfolk is a favourite destination for me: it’s just over two hours’ drive away on uncrowded roads. No stress.
  • We’ve been to Norfolk a few times since the boys were born, although each time we seem to have less gear to transport. No buggy, travel cots, bottle steriliser and so on. This time we packed the football, tablets and Apple TV for games. The boys are growing fast.
  • It’s been a gentle start to the holiday as we all decompressed at the holiday home. Even youngest C needed a quiet day with his Numberblocks toys on Saturday.
  • The snow and rain gave way to sunny, but cold skies on Sunday. A visit to Brancaster beach this morning brought kite-flying, sandcastles and tentative paddling in the icy sea. It was a hit so we’ll be back.
  • This evening, while drying his hair after his bath, H was in a confident mood. “The word you’re looking for to describe me is, ‘epic’”. I’ve no idea where he got that phrase from, but his pals at school are all poses, peace signs and backwards baseball caps. Attitude seeps from every pore.
  • I’m creating this post on my website as a draft for when we return, to protect against the highly unlikely event of a burgular reading this and realising there’s an empty home they can target. The odds are slim, but best to be security conscious.
  • It’s reassuring that I can check the cameras, adjust heating and turn on/off lights at home remotely. I love my smart home devices.