Week 33: Sprinklers

  • We’re back from our holiday at the lovely Workers Cottage in Norfolk.
  • The weather brightened up and, although cool, we stayed dry. The exception was our last full day where the bright sunshine at Holkham Beach gave way to full-throttle, horizontal hail. We ran back to the car but were soaked, poor C in tears.
  • We enjoyed visits to Brancaster Beach, Pensthorpe Natural Park and a Forest School on the Sandringham Estate where the boys hunted for creepy-crawlies, made dens and toasted marshmallows. Plus several visits to woodland playgrounds and soft plays centres to wear them both out.
  • I enjoyed the leisurely pace of holiday life and got into the bad habit of eating second breakfasts and sampling local beer and cakes, putting on ~2kg. My weight-loss achievements from last year are slowly being reversed!
  • Need to get beach body ready… No sooner have we returned, attention has shifted to finding some summer sun abroad. Those school holiday prices are eye-watering. Although sun-lounging isn’t really me, I quite fancy a few novels around the pool.
  • I finished reading Brett Anderson’s Coal Black Mornings: his excellent pre-Suede autobiography.
  • Back home in Hertfordshire, H had his first ever football match for the Codicote Under-6s. They narrowly lost 5-4, a result that was forgotten with the opportunity to pose for team photos. H acquitted himself well, tackling and making runs.
  • Our garden has an irrigation/sprinkler system which the previous owner installed. He had left behind some timer units, but they had cracked and leak, so we hadn’t hooked them up. With Spring now sprung and the garden needing regular watering, I’ve bought an Eve Aqua: a Thread-powered, HomeKit-compatible smart controller. It’s another tiny joy to be able to remotely operate sprinklers while my family roll their eyes.