Week 35: Hedgehog

  • I took H to see Sonic the Hedgehog 2 at the cinema on Monday. Up to now he’s not had the attention span for films, but last week watched the original film on TV all the way through twice. He loved his first cinema experience: the big seats, the dimmed lights, the popcorn… When it finished he asked to come back for Sonic 3 and was confused to find they haven’t made it yet!
  • After many weekends of navigating terrible holiday websites, we’ve booked a summer holiday. We’re going to a Spanish island on a package to a hotel with multiple pools and a kids’ club. Not exactly my cup of tea, but perfect for the boys. Our last few holidays have been UK-based to avoid Covid complications, but we’ve decided to take the plunge.
  • On Tuesday I saw Teenage Fanclub at the Union Chapel: an unusual place for a gig, not least because you sit and watch on pews. The band are thinning out in original members, but it’s still a treat to see Norman and Raymond enjoying songs old and new.
  • I spent some time on our engineering team’s levelling/progression framework this week. Even with plenty of examples to draw on from sites like progression.fyi, I find it difficult to clearly distinguish skills and behaviours for each level with examples. It’s coming on. I hope to share it in public when finished.
  • After last week’s lament about Arsenal’s fortunes they bounced back to beat Chelsea and Manchester United. I will remain critical and expect the winning run to continue!
  • The week ended with some clearing out and reorganising at home. This spurred on L to want to replace our knackered dining table and we headed to John Lewis to investigate. The boys aren’t used to traipsing around a department store and whinged throughout our brief visit. Back home and no treats! The hunt continues online instead.