Week 38: Seaside

  • We’re hiring for an engineering manager at Privitar. The EM role can differ in focus between companies, but our spec, like many these days, combines people, delivery and technology. However, not everyone agrees. We had an applicant this week quoting Elon Musk’s view that EMs must be the most technical person in a team. Our definition was “toxic”, he mansplained to our female recruiter. Pass.
  • Our sales teams flew in to London this week from the US and Europe, so we had a bit of a party in the office. There were cocktails, caterers and music. It was going well, but I left early. I’d driven to the station, so couldn’t drink and, in any case, I wanted to get back home to watch the crucial North London Derby. Great Northern railway had other ideas. I watched most of the match on my phone, stuck waiting in a queue behind a broken down train further down the line. I missed the fun and Arsenal lost 3-0. A bad night all round.
  • H’s class are learning about trust and had to write about people they trust. His list comprised one of his friends, his teacher, Daddy and Poppy (the cat). No Mummy: L was livid 😂
  • It was my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday on Saturday so we joined our in-laws and L’s brother’s family in a big old house in Norfolk for the weekend. Six adults and four boys. The rental house was by the sea in Hunstanton (pronounced, “hunsten”, I discovered), a classic English seaside town with a promenade, amusements and funfair.
  • Under cloudless skies we collected shells on the beach, played an 18-hole pirate crazy golf course, went to Sea Life, spent all our pocket money in the arcades and had ice creams (Mr Whippy with a flake, of course). I picked up a sunburnt neck and ate and drank a bit too much. A perfect couple of days.