Week 49 - Kite

  • It’s coming up to a year of writing these weeknotes each Sunday. I’m still writing for myself, but while some weeks the words flow easily and quickly, other weeks it’s more of a struggle. I’ll keep going for future me.
  • After feeling fine when testing positive for Covid a couple of weeks ago, the virus caught up with me. Nothing serious, just headaches and congestion. I hope that’s the last of it, but it seems unlikely. This is life now.
  • I’ve started using Craft’s daily notes feature for keeping a log at work. It’s early days, but grouping all my notes by day is clicking with me. Backlinks to topics/people mean I can still easily find notes the traditional way.
  • I felt well enough by Friday to travel into London for lunch with some old colleagues at Smith’s in Paddington. All the old stories, decent food and quite a lot of wine. On my way home the station taxi firm had a backlog so I thought I’d walk it. Turns out it’s quite far, especially if you’re a bit tipsy. An hour’s walking later I got home.
  • Saturday was quiet.
  • We finished the week at Dunstable Downs, a windy hill near Luton where the boys could fly their kite. L and I had cream teas; the boys had ice creams. We also found sports equipment and areas made available for games by the council (I think), so we played a bit of cricket and tennis in the sunshine.