Week 54 - Buzzer

  • This was the last week of the school holidays. Everyone except me is returning or starting at school next week, including L’s first term back as a teacher since the children were born. All change.
  • To give L a day’s rest/prep for school, on Bank Holiday Monday I took the boys to my parents’ where my sister and her two children were waiting. The cousins all get along very well and they enjoyed a day of swings, trampolining, Nintendo Switch and ice cream.
  • My team is hiring for software engineers. I’m taking the opportunity to redesign our process from our job descriptions through to our interview structure.
  • By our front door is an intercom buzzer installed by the previous owner, but the button seemingly does nothing. Curiosity got the better of me this week. I unscrewed the faceplate, reattached a broken wire, but there was still no sound. I found the manufacturer’s name, Bell Systems, and hypothesised that it may be connected to a phone line. I plugged my grandmother’s old-school telephone into an unlabelled phone extension in my server cupboard and… brring brring! This made me very happy.
  • I also somehow triggered the house alarm’s tamper switch while investigating cabling, so it wasn’t entirely successful.
  • In further home news, L has finally found a buyer for her antique wardrobe that had accompanied us through four moves, never once matching the decor. We now have a huge empty space in the hallway for a big mirror (purchased three years ago!) and some sort of table for family junk.