Week 55 - Succession

  • The Queen has died. I’m no monarchist, but her 70 years of duty to our country has been remarkable. And while I’ve little time for many of the other royals, I’m sad that we’ve lost her. A constant throughout my life is over.
  • Thinking of someone else as head of state feels wrong, but we now have King Charles III. Let’s hope he follows his mother’s example by keeping his views to himself. Especially his penchant for alternative medicine quackery.
  • The day after news broke I had tickets booked at the Oval for the final test v South Africa. As a mark of respect our day out was frustratingly cancelled. These decisions do seem rooted in wanting to be seen to do the right thing: 24 hours later the match resumed. I’m sure Her Majesty wouldn’t have begrudged us some cricket.
  • Meanwhile the school holidays are over. It was C’s first day in Reception and L’s first day back as a full-time teacher. She’s teaching in the classroom in between our two boys, which is reassuring for them (and her!)
  • L’s working day begins early, so I now get the boys ready in the mornings and walk them to school. So far so good, but I’ll see how willing they are when it gets colder.
  • We sat down to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once. It was a refreshing change: spectacular, moving and funny.
  • L and her village friends ended the week with a spa day, so the husbands met up along with our children. We first took them to the park where the club bar was helpfully open, then back to Simon’s for pizza, crisps and chaos.