Week 57 - Fraud

  • It was a bank holiday on Monday for the Queen’s funeral. I didn’t watch the coverage, but I was thankful for the free time to power through my to-do list while everyone was watching.
  • The sad news of my working week was Henry’s resignation. He’s the longest serving member of our engineering team and had grown from developer to director over his five years with the company. He’s been a huge help to me and will be missed.
  • L’s credit card has been cloned and because it’s a second card on my Lloyds account I had to call the bank to dispute three fraudulent transactions. Hugely frustrating. I’ve suffered two thirty-minute queues before being cut off. Lloyds: hire more fraud staff! And why can’t this be done online?
  • H and his under-sevens had a football festival in nearby Wheathampstead. It’s really nice that all his school friends play football and so our little village could enter two separate teams. His Lions team did very well: two wins and two draws.
  • I hadn’t seen my university friends since before Covid, so it was an overdue reunion at Claire’s birthday in Harrow on Saturday. 25 years to the month since we all went to Warwick. Gulp. Our boys didn’t know any of the other children, but quickly integrated themselves with their games. With all the children around it was a bit more sedate compared to parties of years gone by, but nonetheless lovely to see everyone.