Week 58 - Colder

  • Winter’s on its way: the nights are drawing in, it’s noticeably colder in the mornings and the heating even automatically kicked in one morning.
  • With the economy in chaos and energy prices increasing again, our annual chat with our financial advisor was theoretically well-timed. However, he was just as bemused as us with it all. We’re fortunate to be in a decent financial position, but there are tougher times to come for everyone.
  • Looking ahead, I’m still on course to retire at 60. Still a few years left then.
  • This week I missed a delivery, even though I was working from home. I decided it was time to invest in a video doorbell. So with Amazon discounting Ring doorbells, I ordered one. It arrives next week: I’m prepared for the irony of missing the delivery of the device that I need to help me from missing deliveries.
  • We ended the week with a successful Sunday lunch in Tring with my in-laws. Decent roast beef and well-behaved boys. They both needed taking for poos during the meal, of course. Then a long walk around nearby Wendover Woods.