Week 60 - Bumps

  • Youngest son, C, managed to fall off a wall at school onto his head. No lasting damage done, but it meant bruises, an A&E visit and worried parents. He didn’t learn his lesson: later in the week he ran head-first into our front door frame.
  • I cancelled Sky after 13 years as a customer. The man on the phone sounded quite sad about it. I’ll miss watching football in 4K and a few American imports, but I can’t justify the monthly cost given how little we watch. Our family mostly watches on-demand BBC and Netflix.
  • To replace Sky’s broadband I’ve ordered a Full Fibre 900 (near-gigabit) FTTP package from TalkTalk. They don’t have a great reputation for customer service, but I’m willing to gamble. They include two Eero Pro 6s and I’ve ordered another two so we should have excellent coverage around the house using an Ethernet backhaul.
  • Oldest son, H, had another football festival on Saturday. Times really have changed: a 9:30am weekend start was no effort. And H did well: he scored his first tournament goal and ran his socks off in all four matches.
  • I took the boys to the playing fields with their bikes, footballs and a skateboard for H. He was doing well in the car park, but the inevitable happened and he fell off and scraped his elbow. While he was wearing his cycle helmet he had no protection for his elbow. Skateboarding pads are now on his birthday list.