Week 62 - Gaming

  • A busy week started with H’s birthday. He wanted a gaming party, so we hired a man with a tent and plenty of consoles to entertain H and nine other small boys in the garden. It was a hit. They gamed, scoffed pizza and crisps, played football in the garden and danced to songs from the Sing film. What a life!
  • H decided he wanted Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch, a choice which Daddy was very happy with. We’re competing to see who solves the puzzles quickest and so far he’s winning. I’m hoping my A Link to the Past knowledge from the SNES will help, but his greater daily gaming time is winning out.
  • Both of our cars need work. L’s went to the garage first to fix a brake servo fault, so she took my car for the week and managed to trigger a warning light. It’s going to be an expensive month.
  • I met up with Andy on Wednesday after work for beers at Little Creatures and then saw The Bug Club at Scala. They play nice, short, catchy tunes. Not bad live. Andy and I have been seeing bands together for 25 years now, meeting back at university in 1997, but whereas I go to a few each year, he averages three a week.
  • It was Henry’s last day at work on Thursday. He’s been a huge help to me, a big character in the team and has similar ideas about how to build software. A sad loss: it never gets easier.
  • With the recent reshuffle Henry was briefly reporting to me so the job of organising gifts fell to me. The jet boat experience, helter-skelter ride, language course, books and gift card to Lisboeta went down well. We had drinks after work at Beer Hawk but I wisely left before the karaoke.
  • Earlier in the day my team had a lunch at nearby Caravan. The others all ordered schnitzel, chips and a beer; I had a healthy poke bowl and juice. The waitress burst out laughing at my order! I felt compelled to add some chicken.
  • I end the week with a sore eye, thanks to a Nerf bullet at close range from my wife. The boys have several Nerf weapons and demand family battles before bath time. Tonight someone got just a little carried away.