Week 64 - League

  • We were supposed to have full fibre (FTTP) installed on Monday afternoon, but the Openreach engineer didn’t turn up. After endless waiting on hold the next day, I was told they arrived, realised they were missing equipment and so left 😡. A knock on the door or phone call would’ve been nice. Rescheduled for this coming Friday.
  • I foolishly downloaded Football Manager 2023 on my Mac and iPhone. It’s now available on Apple Arcade for subscribers. I was addicted to the mid-noughties games, taking Arsenal to multiple Champions League wins, but so far haven’t had much time to play. The 3D match engine is pretty impressive on a phone.
  • We’ve started watching the new series of The Crown. It continues to be an excellent drama that blurs the line of fiction vs reality, with characters you know well. The new Charles (Dominic West) is a bit too handsome though.
  • With all the brouhaha at Twitter, I’m starting to become concerned it might implode. Like many others I follow, I’ve been dipping my toe in Mastodon’s waters. It does mean I now need to check another timeline, but there’s a growing momentum that’s worth following.
  • I caught myself considering building my own Mastodon-compatible, serverless, ActivityPub backend using Architect.
  • On Saturday I met up with Andy for the Rugby League World Cup semi-final at The Emirates. A flat England were beaten 26-27 on Golden Points by Samoa, who they had previously thumped 60-6. It’s not my sport, but it was an exciting game and not too far to travel for me, unlike the mostly northern crowd.
  • Soon after my Emirates visit, Arsenal beat Wolves away to stretch their lead at the top of the Premier League to five points. The couldn’t win it, could they? Just maybe.