Week 65 - French

  • Almost thirty years ago I went on a French exchange with a boy from a school near Lyon. We rode for hours on bikes through the countryside, went swimming in his friends’ pools and I even went along to a local wedding. Fond memories. He emailed this week to say hello having rediscovered my application form. I’ve replied in my rusty French and I’m excited to hear how he’s getting on.
  • It’s Code Complete time on a significant milestone at work. I organised brownies and made a fuss of my team: it’s important to celebrate wins and this project has been a great success.
  • We finally had our home FTTP installation completed. ~940Mbit/s is of course overkill, but yay! The Openreach engineers were overloaded and arrived three hours after their window, but they at least persevered to complete in the dark.
  • We now have four Eero Pro 6s connected via Ethernet backhaul. Our home’s concrete floors and thick walls necessitate so many access points, but we now have excellent coverage as a result. First impressions of the Eero app and functionality are pretty good.
  • As soon as the engineers had left I headed into London to meet Andy to watch Stewart Lee’s new Basic Lee show at the Leicester Square Theatre. It was the latest of many times I’ve seen Stew and, as always, thoroughly enjoyed him. He commented that his audiences are now largely middle-aged men with beards and glasses. I was pleased to only partly meet that stereotype.
  • Another football tournament for H. Two wins, a loss and a draw. His team were playing at a 3G pitch in Hertford which I was told was paid for by Spurs, reinforced by numerous purple banners with motivational slogans accompanied by a chicken on a basketball. The boys loudly complained - so proud.
  • The tainted World Cup in Qatar has begun. A flat, hollow start, but I’m sure the footballing side will pick up and we’ll enjoy it. The stench of corruption and human rights abuses will rightly linger.