Week 72 - Bowling

  • Back to work after the Christmas break.
  • For the last day of my time off L decided we should all go bowling in Stevenage. It was as noisy, busy and teenager-filled as expected on a bank holiday. The conditions must be to blame for my appalling bowling skills as I came last.
  • L had a teachers’ training day so I booked the day off and took the boys to DJ’s Jungle, a nearby Soft Play centre. It was mercifully quiet and I quite enjoyed having a coffee watching my children make friends and hurtle tirelessly around the equipment.
  • We booked a babysitter and taxis for a Friday night out. This is a relatively new experience for us: the boys are now old enough to sleep happily without us being in the house. But we barely made the most of the opportunity, having a big meal and a couple of drinks before returning home at 10pm. Too much food and tiredness to blame.
  • I’m not doing Dry January, but it’s time to be a bit healthier and cut down on the booze and snacking. I’ve added a few unwelcome kilos over Christmas. Also time to get back to my long, daily walks around the village listening to podcasts.
  • H’s football team had their first league match of the season, following last year’s festivals. On a boggy pitch in icy rain the quality dropped a little, but they won 4-2. I thankfully remembered to bring bin bags to protect my car seats from his muddy legs on the drive home!
  • L and I are now fully addicted to Traitors. Such a brilliant concept. We’ve got just three episodes left to watch.