Week 73 - End

  • Not the best start to the week: on Monday I was made redundant after just one year at Privitar. The company had been struggling with sales and a number of people were let go. Thankfully I do have some notice paid to give me time to find a new job.
  • So I posted on LinkedIn, updated my CV and profile and set that I was “Open to Work”. This resulted in 16 calls with recruiters and many more messages. I’m feeling hopeful about a few opportunities, but the market does seem quieter than a year ago.
  • I’m being picky with roles. I’d like to be managing managers in a well-run company with product-market fit, traction and plenty of funding(!).
  • Although I’m treating the search as a full-time job it does mean I can do a few things I couldn’t when working or commuting. I took H to his football training for only the second time on Wednesday evening. He said to his mum before that he was excited I would be watching and that, “I need to be tip-top perfect. I hope I score a goal!” (and he did) 🥰
  • Andy and I had our annual trip to the Masters snooker at Alexandra Palace. Judd Trump edged Barry Hawkins (always nice to hear people cheering for my name) in the deciding frame. It’s always an excellent day out and we’ve booked again for next year.
  • But the week’s sporting highlight for me was the North London Derby where Arsenal gloriously beat Spurs 2-0 at their place. I think I deserved that one.