Week 74 - Pirate

  • My job hunting seems to be going well. I’m through to a couple of interview processes next week at companies I like. No chickens are being counted, however, when thousands of tech company layoffs are being announced almost daily.
  • After dozens of exploratory calls I now switch up a gear to interviews. Time to prepare my “tell me about a time” answers and situation-task-action-result evidence. I’ve got a few notes from previous jobs, but they need bringing up-to-date.
  • Youngest son C had his fifth birthday party on Saturday. He’s not five until next month but we’ll be away, so he had an early joint party with Rose from his class. Both mothers are teachers at the school and invited both Reception classes.
  • C is currently obsessed with flags and countries, while Rose loves princesses, so the combined party theme was a little unusual! The hall was decorated with flag bunting and pretty balloons. The entertainment was a pirate/princess duo. It was noisy and chaotic but a big success with the children, even if C was a bit overwhelmed and ready to go home after an hour!
  • The Arsenal juggernaut shows no sign of stopping and it’s wonderful. Today our bogey team Manchester United were edged 3-2. We’re only halfway through the season, but the excitement and hope are growing.