Week 75 - Café

  • More calls and a couple of interviews this week. I’m narrowing down to a few roles that I like, although all are at early stages. The initial panic of unemployment has subsided as I realise I’m lucky to have enough time to be picky.
  • I also remembered that I don’t need to spend all my time job-hunting. L and I went out for a long lunch and, with a free afternoon, I decided to have a couple of beers.
  • I may not be this laidback if I’m still jobless in April, but for now, there can be an upside!
  • While our older son had a friend’s birthday party on Sunday, L and I took our youngest for a walk across the fields to Spoke, a well-loved cyclists’ café. The coffee is strong and very good. We sat outside, drank our drinks and admired the goats that graze nearby.
  • And that’s about it.