Week 76 - Interview

  • I had a bad interview this week. The hiring manager asked two probing questions for which my answers didn’t match their expectations. They then disengaged, looked bored and asked if I had any questions, with still over half an hour left. It would have been far better to just end the interview.
  • I then received just the email I needed from an ex-colleague: “I wanted to reach out and send some well wishes and positive vibes your way. You were so kind and inspiring for me when I left and I really do think your positive energy helped me to keep my head up during the job hunting process.” 🥲
  • In further job-hunting news, I’m now in the later stages for a role I’m quite keen on. I like the company and the people, so fingers crossed for the next stages.
  • I joined a CTO Craft event on The World of the Fractional CTO. I’m focusing on full-time roles for now, but my thoughts are turning to the next phase of my career and fractional (combining multiple part-time roles) feels worth considering.
  • We’ve binged White Gold, set in eighties Essex with lots of nostalgia from my youth, and have just started Joe Cornish’s excellent Lockwood & Co.
  • These weeknotes will be the last that I syndicate to Twitter because of the disappointing decision to charge for API access. There are of course plenty of other ways to follow me!