Week 77 - Eurotunnel

  • This post is a little late because last week we were away on holiday. More on that in a moment.
  • On Monday I joined Andy to watch Mogwai at The Garage in Highbury. It was part of The Garage’s 30th anniversary: a tiny venue for Mogwai’s brutal wall of sound. I last saw them in 2014 at the much bigger Brighton Dome and my ears were hissing for days after. This time I came armed with earplugs and didn’t miss a note. A wonderful band and gig.
  • I decided to drive to the station and not drink, partly out of convenience and partly because I had a job interview the next day. Alcohol-free beers really have improved. I especially enjoyed the Lucky Saint.
  • Ear plugs and 0% beer… such an old man!
  • The job interviewing went well, although one process unfortunately didn’t work out. I paused things for our holiday.
  • We drove off to the Center Parcs in De Haan, Belgium on Saturday morning. It’s a surprisingly easy journey: from Folkestone to Calais on the Eurotunnel, and then straight onto the motorway through France into Belgium. 4.5 hours door-to-door.
  • We had arranged to stay in a cottage next to Andy and his family who our boys know very well. Nice to also meet a few new families, plus a few old faces from Brighton who were also joining them.
  • Our week ended with swimming, soft play and some tasty Belgian beers, including Leffe Ruby. More holiday next time.