Week 81 - Presentation

  • I don’t want to break the streak of posting weeknotes for the last 80 weeks, but I’m struggling to fill this week’s entry with anything other than job-hunting. I won’t be insulted if you skip this!
  • Most of the last week has seen me busy at my laptop preparing a presentation and then presenting it at a panel interview on Friday. I’ll get feedback soon, but I was happy with the end result and hopefully the effort I invested will have been worth it.
  • I’m contemplating writing up a retrospective of my interviewing experiences, without including names of course, because I’ve learned quite a bit about the whole process of applying for technology leadership roles. It’s certainly been tough in the current climate of mass tech redundancies.
  • I’ve also learned about my own interviewing strengths and weaknesses. I was particularly nervous of system design interviews following a bad experience several years ago, but recently I’ve performed pretty well. I’m now a dab hand at Excalidraw!
  • Arsenal comfortably beat Fulham 3-0 today, and for the first time, H watched the whole match with me on the sofa. He’s suddenly football-obsessed and decided he wants to be a professional footballer when he grows up. Daddy is now delighted he can download his nerdy footballing knowledge onto a willing recipient.


  • Yes would love to read a bit of a retro, I still get a fair bit of traffic to https://www.jvt.me/posts/2022/05/02/lessons-learned-job-hunt/ and I would say the same for leadership roles too