Week 83 - Britpop

  • This week I stepped in to help with H’s football training. They were a grown-up short so I joined proper coach Dave in herding cats for an hour. I’d like to think the 15 seven-year-olds absorbed my impassioned instructions to pass the ball “down the line” and to “find space”, but at their age that’s wishful thinking.
  • Or maybe they did listen? They won their Sunday match 7-0 away to Welwyn Garden City. It’s a topsy-turvy league, having lost 9-3 last week, but they all worked hard and celebrated with gusto. It was also the first time my parents visited to watch, so H was delighted, even if he didn’t score a goal himself.
  • I’ve been enjoying Channel 5’s Britpop series. Blur, Oasis and Pulp were all there of course, but of more interest was the time spent diving into Suede, Elastica and even Menswear. I’ve got a couple more episodes to catch up on.
  • We had an Ikea delivery for a dressing table for L. Naturally we added on strainers, chopping boards, fake plants, storage boxes, etc. I put my assembly skills to good use with only one minor mistake.
  • The clocks went forward. This somehow still confuses everyone.
  • I finally spent some time updating dependencies and the version of Node used for my website’s software. As is the way, I ended up yak-shaving. I fixed the broken tests, but they then failed when running in GitHub Actions. I then got them running on Actions but not locally. I cracked it eventually, but I think it’s best to leave programming to AI in future.