Week 85 - Mario

  • Notes apps are a deeply personal thing, but I’ve found the one I’ve been looking for: Reflect. The killer feature for me is the focus on writing in your daily note with full backlinked content in linked pages. It has taste: I love the UI design, the workflow and the team’s values.
  • Our TalkTalk fibre connection dropped on Wednesday for eight hours. When I called to ask about the outage the agent read out a script and hung up on me 🤬. I only have myself to blame: their reputation for terrible customer service is hardly a secret.
  • I wouldn’t mind the outage so much, but I had a couple of video calls I couldn’t miss. Mobile data tethering came to the rescue even if latency wasn’t great.
  • H needed his football fix during the Easter holidays so we took him to nearby Stevenage FC’s football camp. Lots of Arsenal shirts on display, but disappointingly also Man City and PSG.
  • H is also getting better and better at FIFA on the Switch. I now have to play my very best to beat him. However, it’s not exactly appropriate to fist pump when I score a 90th minute winner! The day is fast approaching when he wins every time and the baton is passed.
  • We saw the Super Mario Bros film at the cinema on Friday, ignoring critics’ poor reviews. As far as nostalgic family-friendly fun goes it was perfect. All the characters were there, the kingdoms, the power-up sounds, the original songs. Nicely done.
  • L prepared her annual Easter egg hunt in the garden for the boys. She also hung eggs with them on her “Easter tree”… I believe this is unique but it makes her happy so I keep my views mostly to myself. I was very pleased with my Creme Egg egg.
  • Arsenal were 2-0 up away to Liverpool but it finished 2-2. The title run-in stress is ramping up.