Week 86 - Beef

  • I had an empty house for most of this week. L drove the boys to her parents’ in Wiltshire for the second half of the Easter holidays. My in-laws are both recovering from operations, so we were concerned that our two bundles of energy may be too much for them. But I’m told Grandpa was a willing footballer while Granny kept them busy with painting.
  • While the cats were away, the mouse didn’t exactly play… I rewired faulty light fittings in the bathroom, labelled up spare keys and reorganised my bedside drawers. I did enjoy catching up on some films I (correctly) assumed L wouldn’t watch.
  • I’ve been reading James Stanier’s “Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager”. It’s a good management refresher and thought-provoker for me, written in a very readable style.
  • H’s team had their latest fixture over in Hertford. This match, however, was notable for his very first hat-trick. The first was a dribble and shot, the second a scuffed goal and the third a volley. He was a very happy boy afterwards.
  • His mood dipped however while watching Arsenal surrender a 2-0 lead to West Ham on Sunday. There were tears in his eyes and he buried his face in a cushion. Poor boy has a lifetime ahead of his team crushing his hopes each season — I’m so sorry!
  • L and I have been watching the much-hyped Beef. No spoilers, but it’s a gripping, nicely-paced drama with characters it’s hard to like. It’s time to end the week with the last few episodes.