Week 87 - Anniversary

  • The under-sevens were short a football coach again for this week’s training so I was asked to step in. I quite enjoy it. The children are (mostly) too little to answer back and just love running around together. A few even listen and remember to pass and find space.
  • With the slightly warmer weather, training is back on grass instead of astroturf, requiring football boots not trainers. I bought my last boots when at university, so I needed to visit SportsDirect to buy a new pair. I picked out these Nike Tiempo Legend beauties, in an eye-wateringly bright yellow/green colour. H was a bit jealous, but scored four goals in his simple black boots anyway.
  • I drove back to my hometown, Chelmsford, for my Dad’s birthday lunch on Thursday. The children (and L) were at school so it was just my parents, my sister and me. It’s rare that it’s just the four of us. I caught up on family news and introduced my mum to ChatGPT.
  • We had a lovely day out in London on Saturday for my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. The boys always enjoy a train ride and joined their cousins (L’s brother’s children) at Camley Street Natural Park before heading for pizzas at Fatto. Ice creams, Samsung gadgets, crafts and a playground visit rounded out the day.