Week 89 - King

  • The week started with a Bank Holiday, the first of three this month. It was pretty grey outside so I stayed inside to watch the World Snooker Championship final on the sofa. C joined me for a few frames to count the points as balls were potted. I was delighted to see a slightly overawed Luca Brecel hold on to win.
  • Answering a call for parents to supervise, I accompanied C and his Reception class as they walked to the village Post Office with their special coronation card for the King. C was amazed to see me in his classroom as they assembled to walk in pairs along the road. He kept telling his partner, “that’s my daddy!” ❤️
  • I managed to avoid most of the coronation build-up. On the spectrum of monarchist-to-republican I’m about 80% towards kicking them out, but intrigued enough to watch the spectacle we’re paying for. While the coronation was on TV I played FIFA with H in another room, occasionally popping back in to roll my eyes at it all.
  • We visited local friends along with some other families for post-coronation food and drinks. Despite the rain, Simon stoically barbecued and made many summery cocktails while all the children entertained each other without any tears for once. A success.
  • The sun came out on Sunday and so I broke out the shorts to enjoy the 20°C temperatures. Alas the sunshine didn’t last, but I’m now ready for summer.