Week 94 - Golf

  • My second week in my new job. The imposter syndrome is reducing a little and I’m starting to build a detailed picture of how things work. While it’s tempting to start making changes I’ve focused on listening and observing.
  • I watched Monday’s two-hour WWDC keynote. It’s always broadcast at the worst time - bathtime and bedtime for my children - but I’m an Apple nerd and my wife is very kind.
  • This year’s OS and Mac hardware releases look solid, but it was the Vision Pro that was the main draw. I can’t wait to try it, even if I’m unlikely to buy one until there’s a much later (and cheaper) version. Look past the heavy goggles and it’s a glimpse of the future.
  • The boys’ school had an INSET day (teacher training) on Friday which meant I booked a day off to be with them while L also spent the morning at her school. We then all had a free afternoon to spend at crazy golf. 18 holes later and L was the winner; the boys not too far behind me, even if they’re massive cheats!
  • I had a blood test at my local hospital. Quick and super efficient. The lovely older nurses were having lots of fun dancing to Gold by Spandau Ballet on the radio, swooning over Tony Hadley. Not what I was expecting that morning! But it took my mind off the big needle in my arm.
  • We’re having a mini-heatwave. The paddling pool is out. Everyone’s lethargic. It’s not for me.