Week 95 - Father

  • This week I joined Andy in London to see Arab Strap at EartH in grimy Dalston. They played their second album, Philophobia, in full to celebrate its 25th anniversary. As Aidan observed, he’s singing songs about life in their early twenties, but old favourites sound as tight as ever, especially stripped down with just Malcy on guitars.
  • Maintaining a tradition, I managed to see the first ball bowled in the Ashes, thankfully just as a meeting finished. England later amazingly declared before the end of the first day. It’s going to be an eventful series! I’m looking forward to my fourth day at the Oval test in a few weeks. If it’s the deciding test we may even see the urn being presented.
  • A year after his first football tournament, we took H back to Benington. This time there were three very strong under-7s teams from the division above in his group and his team lost all four matches. Only by a goal or two, but it was tough for them. He bounced back afterwards, no doubt helped by having an ice cream covered in marshmallows.
  • I did some DIY. Last week we had an outside security light installed, but the electrician forgot to seal the outside cable. Rather than wait for him to return I borrowed a neighbour’s ladder, found some old sealant in the shed, unblocked the nozzle and blocked up the hole. Satisfying.
  • I write this on a steamy Father’s Day. The boys’ cards to me predictably focused on Daddy farting, a theme which caused much hilarity. We went for a roast for lunch (well, the adults did, the boys still prefer burgers and macaroni cheese) and I had a snooze back home on the sofa watching the cricket. Not bad at all.