Week 98 - Wembley

  • My new company’s president visited the office from the US this week. I hosted him for the day, assembling my team for sessions to talk architecture and strategy, and doing my best to keep up, given my limited domain knowledge. He seemed to be happy with his time with us.
  • As mentioned last week, this coming Sunday I’ll be flying to our HQ in San Diego. I don’t relish a long-haul flight, but I’m expecting a few days with new colleagues face-to-face will be a big help in my settling in period.
  • My car is a little too old to support Apple CarPlay, but I have an iPhone which I wanted to use for live traffic navigation when driving to/from the office. Rather than use a cheap sticky holder that would be sure to fall off, I found this custom designed Clearmounts phone holder. The bracket is fixed behind by my car’s vents and, even better, has a MagSafe attachment. Installation took minutes. Recommended.
  • I signed up to Threads to kick the tyres. I’m barryf (of course). It’s very nicely done. It’s not for me just yet because of the algorithmic timeline and the glut of brands and celebrities. If/when they bring in a “following” timeline I’ll try again.
  • The highlight of my week was seeing Blur at Wembley Stadium last night. I met up with Andy, Matt and Mike at the Jackalope for a couple of pre-gig pints, before finding our way onto the pitch (the standing area) to see the last of the support and to await Blur.
  • I first saw Blur 26 years ago with Andy at the end of my first term of university. We may all now be a little fatter and greyer, but the gig didn’t disappoint, the band playing a few rarities like Oily Water and Villa Rosie and of course all the bouncy ones. I can still pogo.