I now have Bridgy Fed (https://fed.brid.gy) set up on my website. It does all the heavy lifting so that websites can be a part of the Fediverse. While I was aware of Bridgy Fed I hadn’t quite understood it. A few minutes with Ryan’s docs and all became clear.

My content should now automatically federate to @barry@barryfrost.com. I’m still using my @barryf@mastodon.social account for reading my feed in Mastodon clients, but I intend to switch over.



  • Nice! I've been using the Bridgy Fed feed for now, so I can use Microsub and a reader client to continue following people - instead of using the Mastodon web UI - but I'd be interested to hear if you get on with that or find that continuing to use the Mastodon clients is better for you